My path to this Mayor’s race has been long and often difficult. I guess it all started many years ago when I enlisted in the Army. As a career soldier, I learned the importance of strong leadership. That willingness to serve carried over into my civilian life and my neighbors have chosen me to represent them on City Council. It has been an honor. Time has surely flown.

I’ve served on City Council for nearly two decades and I’ve even served as Deputy Mayor. Looking back, the journey taught me a lot of valuable lessons.

I learned early on that it was never about me. The truth is, neither is this race for Mayor. It’s about neighbors helping neighbors. I that might sound a little hokey, but it really is true.

And even though my wife may not agree, I’ve learned to listen. I’ve learned to encourage the sharing of ideas.

We’re lucky. We live in a wonderful city. Newark has a proud past and an even more exciting future. And I want to help guide our City’s path forward, while pledging not to forget the core values that have brought us this far.

But I am asking for your help and I am asking for your vote on April 9th. I look forward to serving as your Mayor.

Together, let’s do this!

Jerry Clifton